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In honour of More Joy Day, I offer you, not something fannish but...........a tree.

It’s amazing the effect these seedlings will have when they’ve taken root! As well as providing fruit or nuts to help communities become self sufficient, trees provide shade and shelter, and even prevent soil erosion.

25 trees covers everyone on my flist so you have all given a tree to someone who needs it! Much joy to you all, today and always. ♥

ETA. I've been given a tree too, accompanied by a gorgeous F/K smut-let, which you can find here.  Thank you, Seekrit friend!

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Someone sent me a brain in a jar! It came with the most totally gorgeous snippet of Fraser practising being lazy - but all in a very worthwhile cause!  

I was very smiley and happy when I read it and you will be too.  
♥ ♥ ♥ and to my anonymous gift-giver! 
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*I've been podficced! The ever lovely 

[personal profile] vsee has made a recording of a story I wrote for [community profile] ds_flashfictionlast year - Five Times Ray Kowalski Tried To Make Someone Feel At Home (Even If It Didn't Always Work).  It's such an honour and a thrill to hear Vee's beautiful, gentle voice read something I wrote and I couldn't stop smiling with JOY as I listened to it. *hearts Vee*

*I betaed for the first time this week.  I was a little nervous about not having done it before but I really enjoyed being thinky about  [personal profile] akamine_chan's fantastic story Spiders From Mars - and having a sneak preview of it! The fact that it also hit my space kink and my competent!Ray kink was just a bonus really... *hearts aka*

*We had an 'if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours' rule in my class today.  *hearts my smiling class*

*The biography of Michael Collins I ordered arrived today.  He may not have actually walked on the moon but I reckon he's still way cooler than Neil or Buzz..   I mean, he claims to be a veteran member of Athletics Anonymous - 'that stellar organisation which, when you feel the urge to exercise, will send someone over to drink with you until you return to your senses.' *hearts Michael Collins* 

ETA - I can't work out how not to have that annoying space in the top line - but I'm refusing to let it squash my joy!

ETA 2 - I've just received an lj gift certificate but I don't know who from! I can only assume it's from one of my dear flist, so thank you very very much - whoever you are!  [personal profile] j_s_cavalcante !



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