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dS, F/K, ~340 words, PG
Dedicated to [personal profile] vsee 
Summary: Ray has just finished watching Torchwood...
Warning: Contains spoilers for Torchwood: Children Of Earth

Warning: Contains spoilers for Torchwood: Children Of Earth


Ray wandered into the bedroom where Fraser was reading his book, sitting on top of the covers and leaning back against the headboard comfortably. Ray flopped down on his belly beside him, burying his face in his folded arms.

“Did you enjoy your TV show?” Fraser asked, his attention still mainly focussed on his reading.

“No,” came the muffled reply. “It was bleak and nothing good happened and it was actually kind of disturbing.”

“That’s a shame.” Fraser gave Ray a quick glance before returning to his book.

“Plus...” Ray rolled onto his back and let out a sigh. “It looks like they killed off the gay guy.”

“Ah.” Fraser leaned over and picked up his bookmark from the nightstand. Once he’d marked his place he shuffled onto his side and waited for Ray to continue.

“I mean,” Ray said, “I know life isn’t one great happy...”

Fraser’s lips twitched.

“...If you say fairy tale I will not be responsible for my actio.....” The kiss silenced Ray, but only temporarily.

“It’s just they killed off someone who likes what I like. They killed off my show. It sucks. You know what I mean?”

“I’m afraid, Ray, that until recently, my opportunities for watching television have been few and far between.”

Ray groaned theatrically. “Okay then. What about when someone checked one of your favourite books out of the travelling library?”

“Well, most of the time I would read other books and make an effort to find new favourites,” Fraser replied.


Fraser looked away briefly, chewing his lip. Ray needed no further invitation and pushed for an answer.

“But the rest of the time...?”

“Okay, the rest of the time I worried myself silly that they would be returned with writing in the margins and the corners of the pages folded over.”

Ray gave a mock wince, but Fraser was now in full story-telling mode. “In fact, did I ever tell you about the time when someone returned ‘Paradise Lost’ complete with the piece of pemmican they’d used as a bookmark...?”

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